New Bench

There is a new wooden bench near Tabley Road. It has a dedication plaque saying: In Loving Memory OfStormin Norman Jones1922 - 2016 Joining the existing benches on The Heath, it provides another spot for visitors to relax and enjoy the vista. A respectful 'thank you' to whoever installed this new bench. Kevin Griffiths

RIP Gwen

I was saddened to learn that Gwen, one of the three ladies who installed a bench for dog-walkers, has passed away. Her cheery hellos will be much missed. Friends of The Heath extend their most sincere condolences to her family and friends. Kevin Griffiths

Kind-hearted Friends Install Bench

Three kind-hearted, dog-walking friends Gwen, Dorothy and Jenny have installed a bench on The Heath. They used to enjoy sitting on one that has long-since gone so they had the bright idea of replacing it and approached the land-owner.  Having been given permission, they enlisted the help of three Knutsford Academy students Sam, Michael and... Continue Reading →

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