‘Royal’ May Day 2022

Saturday, 7th May, saw the joyous return of the 'Royal' May Day pageant after two years missed because of Covid. All the parade participants looked splendid, delighting the hundreds of onlookers. Once the entourage arrived at The Heath, we were enthralled by the traditional coronation spectacle with the dancers' lively show. The festivities were enhanced... Continue Reading →

Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day 2019

This year's 'Royal' May Day parade had more participants than ever, the colourful characters providing a merry escort for the May Queen on her way to The Heath. You can read more about this wonderful tradition on the Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day website. Kevin Griffiths

Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day 2018

This year's 'Royal' May Day celebration on Saturday was blessed with glorious sunshine. Townsfolk and visitors alike enjoyed the festival parade through the streets and onto The Heath where we were entertained by the traditional dances and May Queen crowning ceremony. We must congratulate the 'Royal' May Day committee on providing such a memorable day... Continue Reading →

Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day 2017

Knutsford had its liveliest day on Saturday. The annual "Royal" May Day parade brought crowds of spectators to the town’s streets and then onto The Heath to witness the crowning of this year's lovely May Queen. After the elegance of the day's main event, the fun fair provided hours of exhilaration. If you’d like to... Continue Reading →

Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day 2016

Saturday delivered a classic Knutsford 'Royal' May Day feast of entertainment in three courses: for starters we had the parade with a variety of interesting characters, the main course was the traditional crowning of the May Queen and to finished off we could choose from all the fun at the fair. If you’d like to... Continue Reading →

Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day 2015

The wet and windy weather hardly dampened the 'Royal' May Day festival on Saturday. Everyone still enjoyed the traditional ceremonies and all the fun of the fair. If you'd like to know more about this wonderful Knutsford tradition, visit the Knutsford 'Royal' May Day website. Kevin Griffiths

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