Nest Box Survey – May 2020

The Heath is now teeming with new life, including birdlife. This month provides the best opportunity to find out how the nest boxes we installed are being used. All it takes is to watch each box for a few minutes. Occupancy is confirmed by observing the adults flitting back and forth, bringing food to their... Continue Reading →

Conservation Day – Rowan Planting

Our volunteers had a busy day on Tuesday, tackling a variety of jobs: Gorse cuttingNest box maintenanceRhododendron removalRowan tree plantingBollard post repair Nest Box InstallationDigging Out RhododendronWatched Kettle...Brew TimePlanting Rowan TreesPlanting Rowan TreeRotten PostJob Done We planted twenty-five rowan trees in gaps round the edge of the wood. They should grow well on The Heath's... Continue Reading →

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