Conservation Day Report – 3rd September

Conservation Volunteers Ready to Go!
Conservation volunteers ready to go!
Adam Cutting Gorse

Tuesday’s task was to remove gorse where it was encroaching on the heather, both in the sandpit and by the grassland.

Adam, from Cheshire Wildlife Trust, cut most of it with a powered brush-cutter while the rest of us raked up the debris.

This work should enable the heather to thrive, for us and other creatures to enjoy.


We saw lots of insects busy in the heather as we worked.

Grasshoppers seemed particularly abundant, leaping in all directions.

One conveniently landed on my rucksack to pose for a photo.

While I was working, I was pleased to discover a plant I had not previously seen. It was a dainty thing, sprawling under the heather. Eventually, I identified it as Bird’s-foot (Ornithopus perpusillus), so-called because of the appearance of its seed pods.

Luscious Blackberries

Also, I couldn’t help but notice luscious blackberries everywhere, reminding me that now is the blackberry picking season.

I encourage everyone to visit with a punnet to collect at least one pie worth.

Once again, thank you to our wonderful volunteers for your time and to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for running the day.

Kevin Griffiths

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