Conservation Work Day – 7th June

Cheshire Wildlife Trust LogoOur next conservation work day in the Knutsford Heath Nature Reserve will be on Tuesday 7th June from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm.

Under the supervision of Cheshire Wildlife Trust we’ll be continuing the work we started in April.

Please come and join the work party – even if only for a short time, as many hands make light work!

Meet: at the interpretation board in the Nature Reserve at 10:00 am or look for the working parties within the Reserve at later times (up to 3:00 pm).

Kevin Griffiths

3 thoughts on “Conservation Work Day – 7th June

  1. I’ve just come back from walking my dog on the Heath and heard what sounded like gun shots and saw smoke coming from the sand pit area. Any ideas what this could have been?
    Have reported to police just incase.

    1. Mike, I’ve no idea what that was. You did the right thing reporting it to the police. Let us know if you hear any more about it. Thanks, Kevin.

    2. Mike,

      I took a walk around The Heath this morning looking for anything untoward. I found the remains of a small camp fire in the middle of the sandpit and noticed that the gorse was more extensively burnt compared to my previous visit. So I think someone has been playing with fire in that area.

      I also spoke to a resident of Warren Avenue who told me that he had seen a police car and dog van parked at the corner of Warren Close and Ladies Mile at six-thirty yesterday evening. So it appears as if the police responded to your report.

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