Litter Pick – 21st June

Rubbish collage

Friends of The Heath intend to go ahead with the litter pick on Knutsford Heath scheduled for Sunday 21st June. However, with the coronavirus situation, we need to minimise physical interaction. Therefore, we won’t be running the usual formal event where we organise everyone to collect litter for an hour on Sunday morning. Instead, we are inviting everyone to do a bit, on their own or with members of their household, at their preferred time during the weekend.

Heath Visitors

We recommend that you go for a stroll, taking a large bin bag and gloves with you so that you can collect what you find.

When you have finished, you should drop your bag in the usual place, next to the bin near the Tabley Road – Manchester Road junction. We will arrange for the pile of bags to be collected on Monday.

Litter Collection Point Map

The Heath is not too messy just now, despite how much it has been used in recent weeks by people enjoying its benefits during the lockdown. Most visitors are very good and take away litter – both their own and that of others. But there are some “grot-spots” and areas of undergrowth where litter has become hidden. We ask you to seek out these more difficult areas if you can.

Finally, the Committee members will be out doing their bit, so do wave if you see us. Whether we see you or not, we would love to hear from you. Please share your messages and photographs. We’ll be watching Twitter, Facebook and email.

“Many hands make light work!”

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