September Events on The Heath

Friends of The Heath are aware of recent events on The Heath involving John Collins Fun Fair and the visit by Gandeys Circus, along with it being used as a car park for a private event.

We have many concerns surrounding these recent developments. We are particularly concerned about the low level of consultation of Tatton Estates with Knutsford Town Council and Friends of The Heath. The Heath is privately owned but we expect consultation about its use. Events on The Heath should be planned well in advance following agreed Guiding Principles, which are designed to protect its integrity and its ecology as well as the enjoyment and rights of its users and neighbours. We encourage you to view those principles on our website.

We are looking into the events on The Heath during September, particularly at the level of engagement involved in the agreement to them taking place, along with what legal approval, if any, has been obtained. The Heath is a treasured area of Common Land; it is essential that all agreements and legal rights are respected and permissions obtained.

We have struggled to gain a level of consultation that we consider healthy and beneficial to ensure the Guiding Principles are followed. We will continue to work with Tatton Estates on improving the level of consultation.

As a group supporting a public open space, we represent the views of those who use it and live near it. We look forward to your continued support and welcome your thoughts on this matter.

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