Lazy Late-summer

It is lazy late-summer time and The Heath has changed colour again. The heather is in full bloom, providing masses of purple, with bistort, honeysuckle and rosebay willowherb dabbing similar colours around. Of course, these are crucial food sources for bees and butterflies so the bees are ceaselessly buzzing all over the heather and the... Continue Reading →

Dragonflies Hunting

At this time of year you are likely to see dragonflies hunting over the heather. They emerge from nearby ponds and are attracted by smaller insects that fly up from the heather and grass. They can be difficult to see clearly as they flit around but if you stand still they will sometimes fly towards... Continue Reading →

Conservation Work Report – 9th May

Today we continued our work to keep the heather areas clear of gorse and tree saplings. It wasn't as backbreaking as last time as Adam, our volunteer leader, brought the brush cutter along with him. The main job for us was collecting what Adam had cut and stacking it out of sight. Unfortunately we cut... Continue Reading →

Conservation Work Report

Today, 21st March, we had yet another productive day with volunteers from Friends of The Heath and Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT). Together we cleared gorse, put up nest boxes and planted trees. In the morning we cleared some new gorse growth from the heather by the sand pit - though we decided it would be... Continue Reading →

More Nest Boxes Installed

Five hardy volunteers helped with the conservation work on Tuesday 18th October and achieved a lot in a short time, removing unwanted vegetation from two areas and installing more nest boxes. We started by clearing birch saplings from the heather patch and the Reserve Manager used a brush cutter to remove the young gorse. This... Continue Reading →

Nest Boxes Installed

Today's conservation work party comprised ten volunteers who helped at different times during the day. In the morning some cleared the burned gorse from the sand pit area while others installed nest boxes. In the afternoon a few of us pulled up silver birch saplings from the heather patch adjacent to the grassland. This will... Continue Reading →

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