Two New Benches

We are delighted that two new wooden benches have appeared on the Manchester Road side of The Heath. They were installed by Knutsford Town Council following their newly approved Bench Sponsorship Policy. Knutsford Town Council Bench LocationOverlooking the King Charles III Coronation Oak. InscriptionBefore you go out searching,don't decide what you will find. Ken Fairhurst's... Continue Reading →

October Volunteering

We shall undertake two tasks during the first half of October; both require the help of our wonderful volunteers. 1. Uncovering Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Oak Our tree survey two years ago found an oak near Ladies Mile and Warren Close; the tree was surrounded by iron railings. We were baffled about its significance until... Continue Reading →

Nature Action Plan Tree Planting

The Town Ranger, Bob Garner, is busy leading the community in planting trees during the school half-term holiday. During his Tuesday sessions, two trees were added to the The Heath and three to Ladies Mile. With local helpers, we planted two Sweet Chestnuts on The Heath, near the bowling green wall; then two more Sweet... Continue Reading →

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