The Wombles of Knutsford Heath

We are delighted to find that our local children’s nursery is making use of The Heath and taking good care of it.

Leann Banks, Deputy Manager of Poppies Day Nursery, told us about their Forest School: “With its many magical places to explore, The Heath is a giant outdoor classroom for Poppies children. Spending much of their time there has clearly inspired a love of nature.

She explained how this led to the idea of a group litter pick: “The children noticed recently that other users had dropped litter in some of their favourite spots. They felt that it looked horrible, the animals could be hurt, and the trees could be damaged.

So they borrowed a set of litter picking equipment from Knutsford Town Council and on Thursday morning the children, accompanied by parents, collected nine bags of rubbish.

Poppies Litter Pick

Leann said, “Poppies little Wombles had great eyes for spotting rubbish and the litter pickers challenged their fine motor skills. The children were excited to join in and super delighted with the results. They could be Knutsford’s youngest litter pickers.

It is gratifying to know that The Heath is benefitting our local children. It is a perfect space for them to learn about nature.

Thanks to Poppies for sharing their photos with us.

Kevin Griffiths

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