Two New Benches

We are delighted that two new wooden benches have appeared on the Manchester Road side of The Heath. They were installed by Knutsford Town Council following their newly approved Bench Sponsorship Policy. Knutsford Town Council Bench LocationOverlooking the King Charles III Coronation Oak. InscriptionBefore you go out searching,don't decide what you will find. Ken Fairhurst's... Continue Reading →

New Bench

There is a new wooden bench near Tabley Road. It has a dedication plaque saying: In Loving Memory OfStormin Norman Jones1922 - 2016 Joining the existing benches on The Heath, it provides another spot for visitors to relax and enjoy the vista. A respectful 'thank you' to whoever installed this new bench. Kevin Griffiths

RIP Gwen

I was saddened to learn that Gwen, one of the three ladies who installed a bench for dog-walkers, has passed away. Her cheery hellos will be much missed. Friends of The Heath extend their most sincere condolences to her family and friends. Kevin Griffiths

Kind-hearted Friends Install Bench

Three kind-hearted, dog-walking friends Gwen, Dorothy and Jenny have installed a bench on The Heath. They used to enjoy sitting on one that has long-since gone so they had the bright idea of replacing it and approached the land-owner.  Having been given permission, they enlisted the help of three Knutsford Academy students Sam, Michael and... Continue Reading →

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