Drain Repair

I noticed some Cheshire East Highways men and a lorry on the Heath on Thursday so walked over to see what they were doing and had a long chat. Apparently, several drains on Tabley Road have been backing up, and they were finding out why. There is a long-buried pipe stretching right across The Heath... Continue Reading →

Tarmac Rubble

This week we have been pleased to see the removal of a pile of dumped tarmac from The Heath. We understand that someone has dug it up and arranged for it to be taken away by the Tatton Estate. It had had been half-buried under grass for some years behind the 'Paws for Thought' bench.... Continue Reading →

Tidying Trees

We are pleased to see the trees around The Heath are being tidied up this week. A group of tree contractors from Hereford are working their way round, removing the lower branches and dead wood from the limes. They have started on the Little Heath and the benefits are already clear to see. The trunks... Continue Reading →

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