Biofuels from Litter

Amazing Litter Heroes

What a marvellous turnout of litter pick heroes we had this morning! It was lovely catching up with our dedicated regulars and welcoming new faces.

We were pleased to be joined by Steve Wilkinson, a local Chemical Engineer working on waste processing for biofuels. He took away what we collected to feed his innovative system.

Our incredible volunteers picked up fifteen bags of the usual cans, bottles and food containers from all parts of The Heath. In addition, they discovered a large canister of nitrous oxide and a crate of broken glass. Both of which they safely removed.

Dumped broken glass
Broken glass
Nitrous cxide canister
Nitrous Oxide

Thanks to everyone who lent a hand and to the Knutsford Town Council for providing us with the necessary equipment. Together, we are making a positive difference to The Heath!

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