Conservation Day Report – 11th September

The forecast was for rain but the weather gods were kind and gave us a dry and, by the end, sunny day.

Gorse Cutting

Our main task was to cut back the gorse among the heather. The gorse seemed to have thrived  during the dry, hot months of June and July while everything else struggled. It was hard work but necessary.

In addition we removed new growth from the rhododendron we had previously cut down.

As usual we encountered some of the wildlife in the areas in which we were working. While cutting the gorse one volunteer found a beautiful Orb-weaver spider and a Digger Wasp seemed attracted to my wellington. Later, in the sand pit area, when the sun had warmed it up, we counted three Small Copper butterflies.

Thank you to our fantastic volunteers for your time and to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for running the day.

Kevin Griffiths

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