Deadwood is Good Wood

Back in February Knutsford was hit by a storm that felled several trees, including some on The Heath. From Northwich Road we can see a group of Silver Birches that was blown over. We might think, at first, that this is a mess that needs tidying up.

But if we think again, we should realise that it is part of nature’s cycle. When trees fall and die they enrich the habitat of which they are part. They provide a home for woodland fungi and for small animals, and eventually they rot down into the soil to support new trees.

You can read a clear explanation of the value of deadwood in the Forestry Commission’s document “Managing deadwood in forests and woodlands”.

Ceshire Wildlife Trust LogoCheshire Wildlife Trust manages The Heath as a nature reserve and it is its policy to leave fallen trees and deadwood to be recycled by natural processes, unless they present a hazard or are inappropriate for the site. Deadwood should not be removed unless authorised.

Sawn Silver BirchesWe are disappointed to see that some of the wood from the fallen trees has been sawn and removed.

We ask whoever has removed it not to remove any more. Even if they are unconcerned about the wildlife, they should consider that removing wood is theft from the landowner.

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