Easter Nature Walk

If you walk across The Heath you will notice that it is vibrant with new life. Yellow gorse has been in flower for some time and now it is joined by buttercups and dandelions in the grassland, and Yellow Archangel in the woodland. The white umbellifer flowers of Pignut and Cow Parsley are brightening the perimeter of The Heath, and the bluebells are contributing their own special colour.

Less showy plants are also on display. The flowers of Ribwort Plantain and Field Woodrush may be brown in colour but when you get up close they are beautiful to behold. Get down to the level of the mosses and you will see that they are in flower too.

If you are you are lucky enough to visit The Heath on a warm afternoon you will be treated to the sound of buzzing bees and the sight of the first butterflies of the year. You should see plenty of Peacocks as well as Whites and Holly Blues.

But the best part of visiting The Heath at this time of year is seeing the fresh new leaves in all their shades of green, unfurling from the trees. It lifts the spirits to see the new beginnings.

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