Enjoying the Spring Sunshine

As the spell of sunny weather continues, The Heath is coming to life and people are enjoying their regular exercise.

New Oak Leaves

Trees are unfurling fresh green leaves and, in the case of the cherry, spectacularly flaunting its blossom.

On the ground, flowers are introducing flecks of colour to the grass; dandelion, bluebell and pignut, each with its own hue.

Gorse Flowers

But at the heart of The Heath gorse is dominant with its bold splash of golden flowers. In the warm sunshine and still air, their fragrance is intoxicating, drawing in bees to the sweet nectar.

Golden Gorse
People Out Walking

And amongst it all, family groups are out walking and children are playing.

The Heath is providing a valuable space for respite during the current coronavirus crisis.

Kevin Griffiths

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