Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day 2019

May Queen

This year’s ‘Royal’ May Day parade had more participants than ever, the colourful characters providing a merry escort for the May Queen on her way to The Heath.

  • May Day Land Girls
  • May Day Shepherd
  • May Day Wedding Party
  • May Day Pirates
  • May Day Pipers
  • May Day Leopards
  • May Day Lion
  • May Day Morris Dancers
  • May Day Scout's Dragon
  • May Day Vikings
  • May Day International Children
  • May Day Wheelmen
  • May Day Scouts Band
  • May Day Pony Trap
  • May Day Highwayman
  • May Day Air Cadets Band
  • May Day Float Tractors
  • May Day Morris Men
  • May Queen's Courtiers
  • May Queen Arrives
  • May Queen's Guard
  • May Queen Arrives
  • May Queen Courtiers Arrive
  • May Queen Enthroned
  • May Day Pom-pom Dance
  • May Day Horn Pipe
  • May Pole Dance
  • May Queen Departs
  • May Queen Departs
  • May Queen Departs
  • May Queen Departs

You can read more about this wonderful tradition on the Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day website.

Kevin Griffiths

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