Litter-pick Heroes

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Our Great British Spring Clean event had a strong turn out of “litter picking heroes” this morning. We were delighted to see some of our regulars as well as some new faces.  Even the land owner, Henry Brooks, popped by for a chat and helped us by taking the final group photo.

The volunteers did an excellent job, scouring all parts of The Heath and by the end had collected thirty bags of rubbish as well as a barrow full of fly-tipped bed sheets.

  • Litter-pick Heroes
  • Litter-pick Heroes
  • Litter-pick Heroes
  • Litter-pick Heroes

Thank you everybody for doing your bit to clean up our neighbourhood!

Kevin Griffiths

2 thoughts on “Litter-pick Heroes

  1. Great turn out yesterday. Thanks to Kevin and Terry for organising the event so efficiently.

    1. You are very kind, Clive, but Kevin does all the organising. I just turn up and hand out the picking devices and bags 🙂

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