Litter-pick – Thank You All

Again we were blessed with a glorious morning for our litter-pick last Sunday. We had a big turn out and it was fantastic to see our regulars and some new faces.

As well as the usual bottles, cans and wrappers we collected a Calor Gas bottle, two wooden pallets, a Christmas tree complete with pot and a Bluetooth loudspeaker. The things people leave on The Heath!

Thank you all for turning out to tidy up The Heath.

Kevin Griffiths

One thought on “Litter-pick – Thank You All

  1. I missed the last rubbish pick . But I sometimes collect rubbish as i walk down to the shops along the edge of the road . I often collect two carry bags full on the two hundred stretch. Takes little effort really , but with three bins on that area why throw on the floor ?

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