Select Committee Enquiry into Litter and Fly-tipping in England

In view of our forthcoming litter-pick, it’s timely that the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee on Litter and Fly-tipping in England should release its report.

The CLG Committee found litter levels in England have barely improved over the last 12 years. It also found chewing gum and cigarettes were the most littered items, while fast-food litter increased by 20% in the last year.

Commenting on the report, Clive Betts MP, Chair of the CLG Committee, said:

“It’s hard to deny England is a litter-ridden country compared to most of Europe, North America and Japan. While Government and industry must play their part, in the end it is individuals who litter and fly-tip their unwanted goods, and it is their behaviour which needs to change. The Government should consider increasing the Fixed Penalty Notice for littering so that litter louts are hit in the pocket if they are caught dropping rubbish. Litter campaigns also have a role and we urge people to get involved in community clean-up days in their area…”

So let’s do our bit by cleaning up The Heath on 29th March.  Let’s show we do not tolerate litter in our much-loved community spaces.

Rubbish sketchKevin Griffiths

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