Conservation Work Day – 24th November


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Our first conservation work day in the Knutsford Heath Nature Reserve will be on Tuesday 24th November from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  It will be run in conjunction with Cheshire Wildlife Trust and will comprise light work to conserve the heathland character of the site.

Please come and join the work party – even if only for a short time – as many hands make light work! Let us know by email if you intend to come along so we can organise sufficient tools for everyone. All you need to bring is a pair gardening gloves or equivalent.

Meet: at the interpretation board in the Nature Reserve at 10:00 am or look for the working parties within the Reserve at later times (up to 3:00 pm).


Heathland, with its characteristic wildlife, is rare in Cheshire. For this reason it is important to conserve the heathland of Knutsford Heath. In the past it would have been kept clear of trees and scrub by grazing livestock but over the past half-century trees have become established and it has turned into woodland. While not wanting to completely remove the trees, which have their own wildlife value, Cheshire Wildlife Trust wish to conserve the heathland as best it can.

Kevin Griffiths

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