Marking Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice!

The Discordionists marked the Winter Solstice – when days begin to lengthen again – by standing solemnly on The Heath at the four points of the compass to observe the sunrise.

Marking Winter Solstice Dawn
Discordianists marking Winter Solstice dawn

As leader Mark Radcliffe explained about the event on his BBC R2 Folk Show, “I’m marking it by seeing the sun come up on Knutsford Heath for the inaugural gathering of the Knutsford Discordionists Society. We’re wearing green robes, but it’s not obligatory if you want to join us.”

A few Heath walkers watched curiously, but the foul December weather probably discouraged a mass turnout.

Who knows, it might become an annual event, extending the rich assortment of Knutsford community celebrations.

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