`Royal` May Day 2023

This year`s festival was a week late. It was not held on the first Saturday of May as usual because a slightly more important event occurred on that day – the coronation of King Charles III in London. Instead, the coronation of our May Queen, Amelie McGill Anglin, took place on the second Saturday; 13th May.

It turned out to be an ideal date weather-wise, being cool, with glorious sushine – perfect for showing off everyone’s splendid costumes.

On The Heath, the dancing and coronation ran without a hitch, a testament to the thorough preparation and rehearsal by everyone involved.

John Collins Funfair topped off the festivity. We are grateful for their continued support and the razmataz their rides bring to the event.

The event is unique and much-loved, and the Knutsford `Royal` May Day Committee did a fantastic job putting it on again this year. We hope it continues for many more. However, we must highlight that it depends on donations to raise the large sum required. We encourage everyone to give generously to the cause.

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