Conservation Work – 15th September

We are pleased to report that the first of our new series of monthly volunteer conservation work parties was a massive success.

Conservation Party Briefing
Conservation Party Briefing

On the 15th September, eleven volunteers joined Jamie White from Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT) in the nature reserve. The team focused on cutting back the thick gorse bushes as well as the invasive bramble and tree saplings. The cuttings were collected into brash piles around tree trunks to provide new habitats for insects and other small mammals such as hedgehogs, mice, voles and shrews.

Active Conservation Party

This work is part of CWT’s ten-year wildlife recovery strategy to see nature recovering by 2030. The aim on The Heath is to reinvigorate the heather areas to provide sustainable long-term habitats for fauna and flora to flourish.

We wish to thank our wonderful volunteers for giving their time and effort.

The next work party will be on Thursday 20th October from 10 am till 1 pm. We hope you will come along and join us.

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