Lazy Late-summer

Heather Bloom

It is lazy late-summer time and The Heath has changed colour again. The heather is in full bloom, providing masses of purple, with bistort, honeysuckle and rosebay willowherb dabbing similar colours around.

Of course, these are crucial food sources for bees and butterflies so the bees are ceaselessly buzzing all over the heather and the butterflies are flitting from plant to plant.

This time of year brings different butterflies and I was pleased to see two exquisite gems, a common blue and a small copper.

All sorts of insects are abundant. It was fascinating to watch dragonflies hawking above the heather, taking flies in mid-air and then resting on the gorse tips.

Migrant Hawker
Migrant Hawker

I can recommend a lazy stroll through the nature reserve to see what nature is doing.

Kevin Griffiths

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