Nest Box Survey – June 2021

Now is the time of year when the nest boxes in The Heath’s woodland are usually filled with broods of young birds. So I spent time today watching for parents coming and going on feeding trips. I was a little disappointed to see activity at only three boxes. This is in marked contrast to last year when I observed activity at twenty. I cannot explain the difference with certainty but it may have been due to the cold and wet weather during May.

Of the thirty boxes in the wood, I found only two with Blue Tits and one with Great Tits.

Surveyor Checking Nest Box
Checking a Nest Box
Nest Box Status Map in Jun 2021
Nest Box Status Map

However, while the nest box activity was low, I saw many other birds that don’t use the boxes, like blackbirds, robins, magpies and jays. So The Heath is still teeming with life.

Kevin Griffiths

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