Conservation Work Report – 9th May

Today we continued our work to keep the heather areas clear of gorse and tree saplings. It wasn’t as backbreaking as last time as Adam, our volunteer leader, brought the brush cutter along with him. The main job for us was collecting what Adam had cut and stacking it out of sight.

Unfortunately we cut one gorse plant that was home to a vole family. But the parent was able to move its children to a safe location, as we watched in amazement.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust took the opportunity of the visit to check their nest boxes and were pleased to report that ten were occupied by breeding birds. The observation for each box is shown below. This a fantastic result from our effort installing the boxes over recent months.

Nest Box Location Map
  1. No Nesting Birds
  2. Great Tit
  3. Blue Tit
  4. Blue Tit
  5. Blue Tit
  6. Blue Tit
  7. No Nesting Birds
  8. No Nesting Birds
  9. No Nesting Birds
  10. No Nesting Birds
  11. Blue Tit
  12. No Nesting Birds
  13. Bat Box
  14. No Nesting Birds
  15. No Nesting Birds
  16. No Nesting Birds
  17. Blue Tit
  18. Blue Tit
  19. Blue Tit
  20. Great Tit

Thank you to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for running the event and to our wonderful volunteers for their time and effort.

Kevin Griffiths

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