Ladies Mile Wildflower Sowing

Ladies Mile Sowing Team

On the last Friday of September, a band of hardy volunteers braved the atrocious weather to sow Ladies Mile with wildflower seeds. This was one of several Knutsford Town Council Great Big Green Week events.

The event was led by Adam Linnet of Cheshire Wildlife Trust, who also prepared the ground by rotavating the existing grass verge.

The seeds had been harvested from other sites in Cheshire East, ensuring we have local plant strains. They are mainly perennial, so they will not need reseeding yearly, making the plants self-sustaining. It should become a rich meadow in a few years, buzzing with insects and pleasing the senses.

We are indebted to everyone involved, including Knutsford Town Council and Cheshire Wildlife Trust for organising and running the event, Tatton Estate for granting permission to create the wildflower meadow and our fantastic volunteers for getting the job done.

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