October Volunteering

We shall undertake two tasks during the first half of October; both require the help of our wonderful volunteers.

1. Uncovering Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Oak

Our tree survey two years ago found an oak near Ladies Mile and Warren Close; the tree was surrounded by iron railings. We were baffled about its significance until Knutsford Heritage Centre researchers recently discovered a 1953 programme for Knutsford’s celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which included an event to plant an oak on Ladies Mile. Since its planting seven decades ago, the tree has matured but has become hidden by encroaching holly.

Now the special tree has been rediscovered, Knutsford Town Council wish to make it prominent with an explanatory plaque. We support their goal and envisage that the woodland near Warren Close will be made more open and accessible.

Work towards the goal will start in early October. As the tree is within the nature reserve, Cheshire Wildlife Trust has been engaged to clear the space around it. We plan to hold two initial work sessions: Thursday, the 5th and Saturday, the 7th when Cheshire Wildlife Trust will provide the expertise and tools while we will provide the labour.

We are calling for volunteers for both of those days. Our main task will be to cut down the holly and carry it away to make a clearing around the oak. All tools will be provided, though volunteers may prefer to bring their own strong gardening gloves or equivalent, as holly leaves are very prickly.

We hope to see a good turnout. The more hands we have, the more we can achieve. It would be ideal if people could assist on both days, but only a short time on either day would be helpful.

Please get in touch through our contact page if you have any queries and to let us know you are coming – it will help us figure out how many tools we need.

  • Dates: Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th October
  • Time: 10 a.m.
  • Meet: at the junction of Ladies Mile and Warren Close

2. Community Litter Pick

Our second task will be a community litter pick on Sunday, 15th October, when we will scour the whole of The Heath for an hour and remove all the litter we find. Please join us if you can. We will provide the equipment, but you should bring your own gloves.

  • Date: Sunday 15th October
  • Time: 11 a.m.
  • Meet: on The Heath near the corner of Tabley Road and Manchester Road

Please read our health and safety guidance notes.

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